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Contract research


Self-screen is constantly developping novel state-of-the-art clinical tests for (early) cancer detection. These tests meet growing requirements in both primary screening as well as triage settings.

This could be in terms of terms of validation of certain sample types, such as existing cytology preservatives, or other media, or for instance new sample types such as self sampling (validations for different devices) or for instance urine. Other developments ongoing are intended use extensions, as is for instance the occasion for methylation assays. Such developments could be in the direction of the discovery and validation of new marker sets for improved clinical performance, or in adjacent HPV driven disease area’s (e.g. anal cancer, endometrium cancer….). In addition, validation on various commercial PCR platforms is also part of our offering.


Contract research portfolio

  • Assay design and development
  • Assay technical and clinical validation
  • Claim extensions
  • Assay production
  • R&D projects



Recent examples European grants

Self-screen and Novosanis have obtained a Eurostar grant named CASUS.
he CASUS project is meant to develop a complete cervical cancer screening solution based on first-void urine self-sampling. The development is done in cooperation with two academic partners, University of Antwerp and Amsterdam UMC (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam).
Valid screen
Supplementing HPV screening with the methylation assay.
Self-screen has acquired a prestigious SME Instrument grant in the Horizon 2020 program from the European Commission. In the project, named Valid-screen, a large clinical validation study with the QIAsure Methylation Test is conducted. The project is the largest SME grant that was awarded to a Dutch SME.

Should you have any projects in mind where Self-screen may offer its expertise and support please contact us for further information at