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Laboratory Team

The Self-screen laboratory team comes from a diverse background with a variety of expertise.  Having its roots in the academic field of biomarker discovery and validation but also in the commercial life science with the expertise to develop scientific discoveries into commercial products compliant with the applicable regulations. The team is flexible and has developed and validated their products on a variety of (automated) platforms depending on the market needs or the commercial partner (e.g. QIAGEN, ABI, Hamilton, NeuMoDx). The laboratory is ISO certified and assays are developed according to the ISO13485 standard. The team has a proven track record by developing the current two Self-screen products, QIAsure Methylation Test and HPV Risk assay/QIAscreen, as well as validating the products of commercial partners, such as the NeuMoDxTM HPV Test Strip, or assisting in the design, improvement and development for these commercial partners. With excellent connections to academic laboratories worldwide, we are able to set up collaborations regarding needed sample cohorts or analysis platforms.