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PreCursor-M Gold

The methylation assay pipeline of Self-screen has now been extended with the Precursor-M Gold assay.  The newly developed Precursor-M Gold assay is currently available for Research Use Only indications.

Precursor-M Gold demonstrates very good clinical performance in the detection of high grade precursor stadia and cervical cancer among HPV positive women. The assay is ready for further IVD validation on a platform or workflow of choice.

PreCursor-M Gold

PreCursor-M Gold Assay (RUO)

PreCursor-M Gold is a multiplex real-time methylation-specific PCR assay for the detection of promoter hyper methylation levels of 2 cervical cancer associated tumor suppressor genes. The assay contains internal sample quality and PCR controls and can be performed on bisulfite-converted DNA prepared from human sample material.

The PreCursor-M Gold is offered as a ready-to-use kit and can be used with standard laboratory equipment, including Rotor-Gene Q 5plex or alternative real time cyclers. A calibrator shipped with each kit, provides state-of-the art experimental reliability.

The concept of the PreCursor-M Gold assay is similar to the QIAsure Methylation Test (, with different target genes.
The PreCursor-M Gold assay has the advantage that it not only demonstrates good (analytical) performance of physician taken cervical scrapes and self-collected cervico-vaginal specimens, but also on urine samples.

Considered applications for the use of PreCursor-M Gold

The RUO version of the PreCursor-M Gold assay can clinically be further developed and validated for applications such as:

  • Triage testing of HPV positive and/ or ASCUS/LSIL women
  • Treatment guidance and/ or test of cure for women with cervical lesions
  • Other clinical indications related to HPV-induced (pre)cancers
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