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CASUS project for the use of urine as a clinical sample type.


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Self-screen and Novosanis are collaborating with academic partners University of Amsterdam and Amsterdam UMC in the Eurostar funded Horizon 2020 Framework Pogram called CASUS, with the intention to develop a complete cervical cacner screening solution based on first-void urine self-sampling. The method includes the Colli Pee urine collection device from Novosanis and the HPV and methylation CE-IVD tests from Self-screen.  The objective of CASUS is to deliver a next-generation user-friendly first-void urine collector, combined with an integrated diagnostic approach  for 1) detection of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and 2) triage after a HPV+ result to identify women with cervical cancer precursor lesions in need of colposcopy.