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February 8, 2023

News on Self-sampling and Methylation based triage of HPV positives at Eurogin 2023

Self-sampling and methylation based triage solutions are trending topics in optimization of cervical cancer screening.
Today at @Eurogin conference during the QIAGEN Satellite Symposium at 12.00 pm Dr. Bart Hesselink will present Clinical Performance and Reproducibility of The NeuMoDx HPV Assay in Self-Samples. Only few HPV assays are validated on the use of self-samples, NeuMoDx HPV Assay now fulfills Meijer criteria with self-collected sampling (Evalyn Brush – Rovers).
In addition dr. Susie Huntington will present The Future of cervical screening: how can health economics help to evaluate new technologies including DNA methylation within a cervical cancer screening programme. This will be the first costs modeling analysis on the use of DNA methylation as triage solution of HPV positives. Especially when participation by self-sampling increases, the cost benefits for DNA methylation are higher compared to cytology and the loss of follow up is less.

You can view them on this link : Cervical Cancer Awareness Month (