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PUBLICATION Self-sampling workflow NeuMoDx HPV assay validated for screening purposes

Recently accepted in the Journal of Clinical Virology in January, the Cervical Cancer Awareness month, the Validation of the Clinical Performance and Reproducibility of the NeuMoDx HPV Assay Self-sampling Workflow.
Dr. Danielle Heideman ea. have published the results of an interesting study in which they validated a self-sampling workflow for the NeuMoDx HPV assay.

Self-sampling in HPV screening is an important and effective method to improve access to cervical cancer screening programs.
HPV assays intended for cervical cancer screening must comply with the international screening guidelines for HPV DNA test requirements.
This is the case for the fully automated NeuMoDx HPV Assay (QIAGEN) for use with clinician taken samples. Now this study publication is out – it demonstrates that also a self-sampling worfklow with the Evalyn brush (Rovers Medical Devices B.V.) fulfills the required performance criteria and is considered validated for screening purposes.

Key Highlights of the study are:
– NeuMoDx HPV self-sample workflow demonstrates high clinical accuracy for CIN2+/3+
– NeuMoDx HPV self-sample worfklow is highy reproducible
– NeuMoDx HPV self-sample worfklow can be considered validated for screening purposes