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Our projects


The strength of Self-screen is in the development of innovative assays for the benefit of cancer diagnostics. In our constant search to broaden our product portfolio and for improvement of our existing assays we closely work together with academic partners. Such projects are often subsidised via governmental funding programs and Self-screen has been rewarded with some prestigious grants. Every project is managed by a dedicated project leader and supported by a qualified team consisting of top researchers from our academic partners and from the Self-screen management team. On this page you can find our currently running projects.

Self-screen and Novosanis have obtained a Eurostar grant named CASUS.
he CASUS project is meant to develop a complete cervical cancer screening solution based on first-void urine self-sampling. The development is done in cooperation with two academic partners, University of Antwerp and Amsterdam UMC (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam).
Valid screen
Supplementing HPV screening with the methylation assay.
Self-screen has acquired a prestigious SME Instrument grant in the Horizon 2020 program from the European Commission. In the project, named Valid-screen, a large clinical validation study with the QIAsure Methylation Test is conducted. The project is the largest SME grant that was awarded to a Dutch SME.