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On 13 February 2018 the United States patent and Trademark Office granted US patent 9,891,432 B2 to Self-screen B.V. The invention relates to the method for detecting HPV-induced high-grade precancerous lesions and HPV-induced invasive cancers. The method comprises the detection of hypermethylation in the PRDM14 and/or FAM19A4 gene in a cell whereby such methylation indicates the presence of precursor lesions or invasive cancers. The precursor lesions being characterized by having a cancerous like methylation pattern. The invention also comprises the use of the two markers in a test kit and enables Self-screen to develop and market such a kit. The FAM19A4 marker is currently being used in the QIAsure Methylation test, this is a real-time PCR-based molecular assay to distinguish women with cervical (pre)cancer. The test can be used as triage test for women with a positive HPV DNA test or for women with ASC-US cytology to identify those women that need to be referred for a colposcopy and is being marketed and distributed by Qiagen. Investigation to use the markers in other sample types than cervical scrapes, like urine, is ongoing and will possibly lead to a new diagnostic assay that is compatible with easily available sample material.