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Eurogin QIAGEN symposium

During the QIAGEN symposium at Eurogin the latest clinical performance and study data around Self-screen’s molecular screening and triage solutions were presented by excellent scientists.

Topic 31 May 2021:    Full molecular screening and triage solutions, chaired by Prof. dr. Chris Meijer


Dr. Bart Hesselink (Self-screen B.V., Netherlands) – Clinical performance of the NeuMoDx HPV Test Strip – a detailed overview of clinical requirements of an HPV screening assay and the compliance of the NeuMoDx HPV to the International Guidelines (Meijer criteria)

Dr. David Hawkes (VCS, Australia) – Customer experience NeuMoDx HPV Test Strip – running and operating the NeuMoDx system in daily practice

Dr. Jesper Bonde (Hvidore Hospital, Denmark) – an extensive presentation of QIAsure Methylation Test performance and study data and its advantages as an alternative for cytology based triage strategies .

Topic 2 June 2021:    Evaluation of managing CIN 3+ diagnosed pregnant women by methylation assessment using FAM19A4 / miR124 methylation test


Prof. dr. Monika Hampl  (University Hospital Dusseldorf, Germany)

Visit the recordings of these presentations here