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Appointment Michelle Meijer as Chief Commercial Officer

Self-screen is proud to announce the appointment of Michelle Meijer, PhD, as the companies Chief Commercial Officer. Michelle brings over 25 years of business experience in the life sciences and molecular diagnostics field, of which more than 15 years in the field of cervical cancer prevention and HPV diagnostics in particular. She held several senior business development and management roles at Roche Diagnostics and QIAGEN, around the years that The Netherlands was preparing for primary HPV screening and the industry was developing clinically validated assays to support this new era. It was also then that she collaborated with the scientists who carry decades of dedication to improve cervical cancer prevention and who later formed Self-screen B.V.. Since end of 2019 Michelle worked as a consultant supporting Self-screen and QIAGEN on the market development of QIAsure and QIAscreen, with the mission to bring discoveries and innovations to the world – to women, their treating doctors as well as health care systems. “It’s a great experience to work with the knowledgeable team at Self-screen, led by the inspirational key expert prof. dr. Chris Meijer, and at the same time boost increasing demand from both clinicians and industry. I look forward to many more joint successes, and mostly to the accomplishments we will achieve to prevent cervical cancer and other HPV induced cancers from existence” – says Michelle.