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Prof. dr. Chris Meijer, MD Chief Executive Officer

Chris is co-founder, innovator and CEO of Self-screen B.V. and an emeritus professor in Pathology. Chris Meijer was Director of the Department of Pathology and of the Oncology Research Institute at the VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam Chris is a renowned key opinion leader in the HPV field. He holds a long track record in clinical cervical cancer research.. He is (co)author of over 1.000 international peer reviewed papers in his area of expertise and has received several international awards for his outstanding research. He has been a driving force in the introduction of primary HPV screening and the addition of self-sampling in The Netherlands as well as the development of International Guidelines for HPV screening assays in order to support qualitative, clinically well-developed tests. Within Self-screen he promotes the developments of continuous improvements towards full molecular screening.

Dr. Daniëlle Heideman, PhD. Senior Scientific Officer

Danielle is co-founder and Senior Scientific Officer of Self-screen B.V. and Associate Professor in Molecular Pathology, licensed Clinical Scientist in Molecular Pathology.

She has a long track record and expertise in clinical diagnostic technologies for cervical screening purposes and molecular pathology, with focus on HPV-associated cancers and treatment defining mutations in human cancers.

Her research is particularly dedicated to clinical validation of HPV assays as well as new molecular markers for early detection of HPV-related cancers.

Prof. Renske Steenbergen, PhD. Senior Scientific Officer

Renske is co-founder and Senior Scientific Officer of Self-screen B.V. and Professor in Experimental Pathology. She received her PhD degree cum laude in 1997 and has an over 25 year track record in fundamental and translational research on HPV-induced carcinogenesis at the Cancer Center Amsterdam. She is currently head of over 20 people involved in biomarker research and leading many discovery and clinical validation studies for the early detection of HPV-related cancers.

Wim Ket Chief Financial Officer

Wim holds a master degree in law and has over 20 years of experience in business and corporate law within several international operating companies. He is co – founder and responsible for financial, HR, legal and entrepreneurial management.

Cedric van der Meulen Co - founder

Educated in Marketing, Economics and Business, Cedric has a 20 year track record in health care business and management. He has worked as a business analyst, treasurer, interim manager, business development manager, entrepreneur, board member and manager of multiple clinical divisions at the VU Medical Center and UMC Utrecht. In his role at Self-screen, Cedric is primarily involved with expansion of new business, translation of market needs into Self-screen’s new commercial diagnostic products and/or services and realization of licensing deals with the medical diagnostic industry.